About Cire Wear

Manhattan beach pier

Original CIRE garageCIRE Boardshorts built its cult-like following around a pair of hand sewn boardshorts in a Manhattan Beach garage in 2004. Through a frenzy of domestic and international growth, our boardshorts are now worn all over the world.hand sewn Hasslehof

Our focus is still the same as it was with the first pair, produce the best fit and highest quality boardshorts in the world. Along with responsible manufacturing and distribution, we continue to partner with various organizations to keep the world's beaches, oceans, and natural water sources clean. Do your part!

When Eric shared that after his most successful year he was shutting the garage door we were shocked. We as many of you, LOVE the brand, clothes, and the lifestyle it represents. As long time fans with dozens of pairs of CIRE shorts we couldn’t let the brand die off. So we bought the business, relocated it to beautiful Austin, TX and plan to continue the journey. Thank you for being fans of CIRE!


Please email us at support@cirewear.com with any inquiries.